Almost 15 years ago, I was a starving Poet returning to the “Wet Coast” after a 3-year stint of  living in Winnipeg. I wrote a fair body of work there and lived with musicians and artists. I was coming back to have another go at cracking the Vancouver art scene — landing on “The Drive” in 1995. After a few weeks of couch surfing at Tippy-A-Go-Go’s apartment — I rented the first cheap room I could find — landing at First and Commercial.

Coming from the relative calm of the Middle Kingdom of WinterPeg, I was ill-prepared for the experiences that awaited me at 1754 East First Avenue. Nevertheless, I settled into the rundown room, made friends with the cockroaches and set about combing the Drive for old friends. I ran into a very good friend — a musician who performed in my “Ashante’ Creation Myth” performance-piece when I was a student at Emily Carr College of Art & Design. A long term member of the Fool’s Society, he helped to get me a day job with a gay gardener who had named his company: “The Well-Tempered Gardener”. (He was famous for throwing temper-tantrums the other landscapers described as “The Stomp”).